Creating A Memorable Outdoor Event

Creating A Memorable Outdoor Event

Creating a memorable outdoor event starts with sound fundamentals. As an event organiser, you can never anticipate what the weather will bring, but we can plan for all eventualities. For a successful outdoor event in Ireland, a reliable shelter is a must. That also necessitates clean, comfortable toilets. We have all experienced an outdoor event interrupted by rain, or by a poor quality shelter collapsing. In Ireland, we perhaps have an unreasonable level of optimism for good weather. This can lead to insufficient planning, and it’s for this very reason that your guests will find it remarkable when you provide a well-constructed shelter for your event. We have generations of experience in the party marquee hire business, and we only provide the best quality systems that will keep everyone at your event dry, happy and lively.

Going Above and Beyond The BasicsCreating a Memorable Outdoor Event

While basic rain cover goes a long way on a calm day, there is always that looming threat of horizontal rain. It only takes a drizzle and a light breeze, for no more than a few minutes, to get that ‘just a little bit wet’ feeling. At an outdoor event, that’s all it takes to sap away everyone’s enthusiasm. We can all picture a moment when an outdoor event turned sour, and it doesn’t have to be that way. With the best marquees and shelters, it’s possible to tame even the worst of our Irish weather.

Creating a Memorable Outdoor Event

For any large-sized event, whether it’s a food festival or wedding, toilet rental is essential. The traditional ‘portaloo’ setup we all expect at your typical music festival is often unhygienic, unappealing and unsuitable when your goal is to create a truly memorable moment. We provide a range of high-quality portable toilets (and showers) that provide a clean, comfortable space that leaves an impression. These units come fully stocked, with some models such as the Millenium Trailer providing a clean, chrome finish that is more reminiscent of a hotel bathroom than a music festival portaloo. Each unit is equipped to accommodate 200-250 persons per day. It has a male and female section, with three toilets for females and one toilet and three urinals for males.

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