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Preparing an Outdoor Wedding

When preparing an outdoor wedding, there are a few basics that need to be covered to ensure your setup will set you up for a perfect day for you and all your guests. it’s important to find the right location. While wedding marquee hire prices can vary, so can the quality of the system — and the team who are installing it. It’s also essential that the space is well-suited for your needs. Given that, here are some things to consider.

Preparing an Outdoor Wedding: Locationpreparing an outdoor wedding

It’s so important to find the right location. Whether it’s by a castle, your garden, or near the beach, the perfect wedding needs the right backdrop. Consider the site. Which way do you want the Marquee to face?  Is the ground flat or sloped?  A slope is not a deal-breaker, though you may need to use a different tent setup as not all systems are suitable for a slope. If you’re unsure we can perform a site survey to assess the suitability. We can check the site to make absolutely sure that it suits your needs. We will check and advise you on accessibility, pathways and the feasibility of other elements that help create a memorable outdoor event, such as on-site toilets and power.

Ensure That Weather Can’t Spoil Your Day

Considering the weather is always a necessity in Ireland, we’re always at risk of wind and rain. If you want an outdoor ceremony or reception, it’s often wise to at least have basic rain cover with a wet weather marquee as a backup. And depending on the time of the year you’re planning to have the wedding, you may want to consider heating. This is something that’s often overlooked but with a simple and rapid heater you can get clean, warm air pumped in at a controlled temperature. This can allow you to enjoy your even no matter what the weather brings.

The size of the marquee depends on the number of people you are planning to have. If it’s too small it’s going to feel cramped, too big and it’s going to feel empty. As part of our assessment, we can advise you on the best-sized setups to give you the right mix of space and excitement.

Preparing an Outdoor Wedding: Choosing the Right Team

Make sure to hire the right company. The marquee company you choose will be creating important parts of your wedding venue from scratch. You need to ensure they will do an excellent job of setting things up properly, with thorough inspections to ensure you don’t have any unpleasant surprises. If you’d like to discuss your wedding plans, you can give us a call today on 022-23318

Meeting Storage Requirements

Meeting storage requirements can be a challenge with fixed structures. There are many reasons why you may need to consider additional storage options for your business. If you don’t have the capacity on-site, there’s a risk of lost sales. Temporary warehousing can help you avoid this by giving you additional space to store and even sell your products.

Meeting Storage Requirements

Meeting Storage Requirements

We can provide large temporary locations that are suitable for all industries, commerce or services. If you have an over-production of goods or are planning to relocate or expand,  you may need more space. Having the flexibility to work around your situation is essential.  If the supply chains have been interrupted or you’re seeing increasing demand, you may benefit from a temporary warehouse facility. We have large-scale marquees which look professional and are suitable for many kinds of products and machinery. These are high-quality environments that you will gladly bring your customers into should you need to.

Meeting Storage Requirements for Seasonal Products

There is a multitude of reasons why you may need temporary storage. We have helped our clients find the best solution for their needs. Whether you’re testing the viability of a new product, or you are event suppliers and need somewhere to store equipment, or you have something seasonal, a safe, clean and dry storage location can be expensive. Having your own temporary storage location gives you far more flexibility and freedom at competitive rates.

Cost-Effective Storage

The problem with fixed location storage locations is that they are often difficult to attain, have poor quality structures, and are typically far from your site, making them unfeasible for sales or operations. We can help you quickly construct a setup built to any size or shape, allowing you to build the right space for almost any purpose. We can set these up rapidly and efficiently.

To find out more about our solutions, you can contact us on 022-23318; we are happy to assess your needs and recommend the best setup given your requirements.

Basic Rain Cover for Your Event

Basic rain cover is essential when it comes to organising a great outdoor event. Whether winter or summer, we always have our unpredictable Irish weather to contend with. This means that for any outdoor event, it may be wise to anticipate the potential for a cold breeze or a bout of rain with a well-placed party marquee.

Basic Rain Cover You Can Rely On

You can never be certain what the weather will be like on the day of your event — or at any particular minute of that day. We’ve all experienced that moment at an outdoor party or event when a beautiful summer’s day went from idyllic to catastrophic; Everyone starts to stampede from a heavy rain shower that seemed to materialise from nowhere. The warm party atmosphere is washed away with the rain; It’s hard to have fun when everyone is cold, wet and shivering.

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Rain and a Collapsing TentBasic Rain Cover

In Ireland, we’re always at risk of rain, with a strong breeze that an average quality shelter cannot withstand. When it comes to basic rain cover, such as with a traditional style marquee, most setups were designed to meet the requirements of more moderate climates. Most systems on the market do not hold well under duress. It only takes a few unexpected gusts of wind (the kind we can get on any good day in Ireland) to flip, tear, or destabilise a typical shelter. The party atmosphere will not last if half the guests are busy holding down a tent that’s trying to take off.

Basic Rain Cover You Can Rely On

For decades, we have been providing high-quality marquees for Irish events. We have seen it all, and over the years, we’ve field-tested a range of systems and setups to ensure we provide only the sturdiest, most reliable shelters and marquees for your event. We have seen our setups withstand the worst of our Irish weather, and we have seen how the party atmosphere can continue without interruption.

You don’t have to have a big budget to provide a great experience that everyone will enjoy. If you’d like to discuss your event, you can contact us today for a quote or advice.

Creating a Memorable Outdoor Event

Creating a memorable outdoor event starts with sound fundamentals. As an event organiser, you can never anticipate what the weather will bring, but we can plan for all eventualities. For a successful outdoor event in Ireland, a reliable shelter is a must. That also necessitates clean, comfortable toilets. We have all experienced an outdoor event interrupted by rain, or by a poor quality shelter collapsing. In Ireland, we perhaps have an unreasonable level of optimism for good weather. This can lead to insufficient planning, and it’s for this very reason that your guests will find it remarkable when you provide a well-constructed shelter for your event. We have generations of experience in the party marquee hire business, and we only provide the best quality systems that will keep everyone at your event dry, happy and lively.

Going Above and Beyond The BasicsCreating a Memorable Outdoor Event

While basic rain cover goes a long way on a calm day, there is always that looming threat of horizontal rain. It only takes a drizzle and a light breeze, for no more than a few minutes, to get that ‘just a little bit wet’ feeling. At an outdoor event, that’s all it takes to sap away everyone’s enthusiasm. We can all picture a moment when an outdoor event turned sour, and it doesn’t have to be that way. With the best marquees and shelters, it’s possible to tame even the worst of our Irish weather.

Creating a Memorable Outdoor Event

For any large-sized event, whether it’s a food festival or wedding, toilet rental is essential. The traditional ‘portaloo’ setup we all expect at your typical music festival is often unhygienic, unappealing and unsuitable when your goal is to create a truly memorable moment. We provide a range of high-quality portable toilets (and showers) that provide a clean, comfortable space that leaves an impression. These units come fully stocked, with some models such as the Millenium Trailer providing a clean, chrome finish that is more reminiscent of a hotel bathroom than a music festival portaloo. Each unit is equipped to accommodate 200-250 persons per day. It has a male and female section, with three toilets for females and one toilet and three urinals for males.

If you have any questions about our offerings or need advice for your event, you can contact us today.