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Renting A Marquee? Here’s What to Consider

There are a few things to consider when you want to rent a marquee. When you are planning a big event, it can all start to build up. Even with the best team helping you manage the planning, the event’s success is down to planning and preparation. When you’re on a budget, keeping costs down […]

Event Marquee Hire, What Are My Options?

As providers for event marquee hire covering the whole of Ireland for many years, we understand you probably already have a dozen concerns on your mind. With deadlines, weather conditions and logistics, just to name a few. It’s always a worry when you don’t know what the weather will bring. We take care of that. […]

Outdoor Sound Systems: How To Avoid Poor Sound

If your outdoor event requires high-quality outdoor sound systems, it’s important to consider all aspects of your setup before you get started. With noise regulations, sound systems, staging and even the landscape all having an influence on the quality of your sound, it helps to have everything planned out in advance. In addition to stage […]

Business Event Ideas: An Icebreaker

Whether you’re having a party or function, a few business event ideas can go a long way to breaking the ice or setting the stage for what’s to come. We’ve helped our clients through many events, from corporate to weddings, and so we’ve picked up a repertoire of ideas that work well, as well as […]

Classic Style Tents

A classic style tent has remained popular for generations for a good reason. There’s something very special about a traditional pole marquee. They can bring an element of class and refinement when placed on a clean green area. These structures provide an excellent atmospheric space for outdoor events, be they for garden parties, outdoor shows […]

Entertainment Lighting

Entertainment lighting can truly make your indoor or outdoor event. For outdoor events especially, you’re often going to want to have adequate stage lighting – not just for aesthetics but to ensure stage users can move around safely. There can be many different types of lighting out on the market, and it can be helpful […]

Planning Corporate Events

When planning corporate events, it’s often the case that we default towards uninspiring activities and settings. However, while not everything has to be a whitewater rafting team-building exercise, not everything has to be boring either. We’ve supported event planning for many clients over the years, from dome tents for weddings in Cork to corporate marquee […]

Basic Rain Cover for Your Event

Basic rain cover is essential when it comes to organising a great outdoor event. Whether winter or summer, we always have our unpredictable Irish weather to contend with. This means that for any outdoor event, it may be wise to anticipate the potential for a cold breeze or a bout of rain with a well-placed […]

Creating A Memorable Outdoor Event

Creating a memorable outdoor event starts with sound fundamentals. As an event organiser, you can never anticipate what the weather will bring, but we can plan for all eventualities. For a successful outdoor event in Ireland, a reliable shelter is a must. That also necessitates clean, comfortable toilets. We have all experienced an outdoor event […]