Hiring a Marquee for Any Occasion

Hiring a Marquee for Any Occasion

Hiring a marquee is an essential part of ensuring a memorable outdoor event. Especially here in Ireland, where the spectre of horizontal rain haunts us. Nothing kills an event like wind and rain that descends upon a poorly constructed marquee. We have been in the marquee hire business for decades. Our structures remain solid and dependable no matter what the weather, with a range of options available to ensure guests stay dry and warm. And here are a few of the options available to you.

Traditional Style Tents

There’s something timeless about a bright white classic pole marquee. If you aim to provide an outdoor event with a touch of elegance, this is often an excellent choice. These come in various sizes, And each come with the classic high peaked roof and beautiful curved lines that can help make your event a memorable one.

Bespoke Marquees

If you’re planning an event such as a wedding, or an occasion for your organisation, you may want to have a customisable marquee. We can provide everything fully customisable, from the interiors and flooring to the external walls. In addition, it’s possible to have your logo or other branding placed on the outside of your marquee. We can guide you through everything, including deciding on which type of structure from our catalogue and down to the finer details such as fixtures and fittings.

Hiring a Marquee for Parties

Our clients often say the commented-upon aspect of their party was the marquee. You have a choice of flexible structures; from your most basic rain cover to the highest quality, elaborate constructions with heating, solid walls and windows. If you need party marquees that can accommodate many kinds of occasions, from birthday bashes to bar mitzvahs, wedding anniversaries to garden receptions and barbeques.

What do you need?

With decades of experience installing structures across Ireland, there’s very little that surprises us. It’s always a pleasure to hear our clients ideas and help them fulfil their wishes. So whatever you have in mind, we will always try to accommodate you. So if you have any questions about our range, or if you’re unsure whether we can accommodate your needs,  feel free to contact us on 022 23318 or leave a message on our contact page, and we’ll get back to you.